I'm Sure You Know By Now

That Your Apps Are Selling Your Data

Big Tech Companies Make Money By Selling The Data You Generate To Data Brokers, AI Systems Are Then Used To Track You And Alter Your Internet Experience. And Now If They Dont Like What You are Doing, You Can Easily Be Deplatformed, Censored, Just Like That..

The Alternative Apps List

All These Apps Keep and respect your Privacy, They Do Not Sell your Data or Create Profiles of you, They Do Not Modify your Internet Experience, They Are Secure, You wont be censored by what you do or say and They all use End To End Encryption

Search The Internet With:

  metager.org "We do not store user data and value data protection and privacy. Therefore we grant anonymous access to the search results."   Swisscows.com "Since we NEVER collect your data, we NEVER track your data! We respect your privacy!"   Mojeek.com "Mojeek, the alternative search engine that puts the people who use it first."

Browse The Internet With:

Torproject.org A Browser that doesn't need a VPN FireFox Web Browser Use FireFox FireFox Secure Settings And add these Safer Settings To FireFox

Email + Calendar With:

ProtonMail.com One Of The Best Email Apps Out There

Text or Call With:

Signal.org The World's most respected And Safe Voice & Text App

Save Your Files With:

Tresorit.com A Cloud File Storage Sync & Sharing

Video Conference With:

Jitsi.org The More flexible, and completely free video conferencing

Another Site With Lots Of Other Tested Alternative Apps:

restoreprivacy.com RestorePrivacy was created to provide you with honest, useful, and up-to-date information about Online privacy and security topics.

The Story

My name is Ralph, Back in 2018 I realized that the information I found on searches and websites was somehow being customized for me (distorted). I mean really? Just about every web page I found had stuff that I was previously searching or reading. That sent me reading tons of articles and watching numerous documentaries on how my private searches and Information was being leaked by my Apps which then got; read, copied, stored, shared, fragmented, analyzed, profiled, and sold to companies and people that I did not approve. But more importantly, my data was being broadcast in real time to AI systems which in the background created the information distortion field I was experiencing. Here's a great book on this...
The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism
I figured by stopping the data leaks I could break this symbiosis (My data + AI systems = Distorted Internet Information).
This meant I had to remove and stop using most of the Apps that made my phone interesting. I needed to quickly find replacements to the most important ones (Text, Voice, Email, Search, Browser, Cloud File Storage, Video, Etc.) I wanted my Internet information fidelity back, so when I did a search for something I was not being directed to a website that was calculated by an AI algorithm. I wanted Websites to show me their content without it being reformatted for me. Just like with people, I like finding and seeing the real thing. I think you will agree that once someone knows something about you the interaction will be different. Could you imagine what will happen if you go to buy a car and the dealer knows how much money you actually have to spend? you can kiss your deal making abilities goodbye.
The new Apps also had to provide same or better functionality without compromising me or my Information.

I'm Happy to report that
today there are great App alternatives to the ones you use with your phone or laptop

I've been using the Apps listed here for over a 3 years with great success. And what do you know? On top of the fact now I don't get that feeling that someone is following me with annoying adds My Internet experience is now back to the real thing.
During my web searches I have found new companies and information that I would have never know existed!

Here is the App List

The Future

"I can see a future for a group effort that realizes the huge value of integrating and supporting a set of these best in class secure and privacy respecting Apps. Sort of like what RedHat did for Linux. Imagine "Tor + Metager.org + Signal + Tresorit + Protonmail + Jitsi" all together in one place with one account!"
Restoring the fidelity of the information we seek and view.
Ralph R.
October 21, 2020

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